Recent Before & After Photos

Sewage Leak into Parking Garage

This is the lower level of a parking garage that suffered a minor sewage leak that ran onto the walls. Though the damage does not seem to severe the odor that ... READ MORE

Bedroom Fire Damage!

The result of this fire damage came after the homeowner had a space heater located to close to the bed. The heater was then knocked over by one of the owners pe... READ MORE

Mold Growth Behind Bathroom Tile

This bathroom was affected by mold growth behind the tile's in the bathrooms shower. The tiles were not properly sealed when the bathroom was built so over tim... READ MORE

Black Mold in Attic

What you see here is black mold growth in a homes attic. The cause was over time the homes roof has aged, and has small leaks when ever there is moisture outsid... READ MORE

Flooded Carpet!

This homes first floor was flooded out after a few days of steady rain flow, and the low elevation location of the home. The carpeted room shown here was hit th... READ MORE

House fire from a Candle

The fire damage shown here was the result of a candle that was left burning, and unattended in the hallway. It may look bad but it could have been a whole lot ... READ MORE

Basement Cleanup and Mold Removal

Steady small leaks in the walls, and some sewage backup over time caused this brown staining in this basement. After a mold test was run by SERVPRO of Society ... READ MORE

Ceiling Water Damage

Here we have ceiling damage after a bathtub overflowed. The homeowner had fallen asleep while filling the bathtub, causing it to spill water to the floor below... READ MORE

Stairway Fire Damage

This residential home had a fire after a candle was left unattended. Although it could have been a lot worse there was still damage done. As you can see here ... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning Job

In these pictures shown we have a duct cleaning job SERVPRO of Society Hill took care of for a large commercial building. SERVPRO does not only specialize in t... READ MORE