Recent Before & After Photos

Stairway Fire Damage

This residential home had a fire after a candle was left unattended.  Although it could have been a lot worse there was still damage done.  As you can... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning Job

In these pictures shown we have a duct cleaning job SERVPRO of Society Hill took care of for a large commercial building.  SERVPRO does not only specialize... READ MORE

Hardwood Floor Water Damage

The hardwood floor was damaged from water that was leaking from the ceiling. The hardwood floor was damaged beyond repair. SERVPRO Society Hill was called ... READ MORE

Basement Flood From Toilet Pipe

This basement damage was the caused when a pipe from a toilet on the floor above broke while the family was away for the night.  About 2 feet of water pour... READ MORE

Basement Mold

This was the aftermath of a flood coming into a basement. The flood happened about a month ago. The homeowners tried to clean the water up the best they could. ... READ MORE

Basement Flood Cleanup

The flooded basement shown here was the result of a heavy storm that produced many inches of rain. With this home located at the bottom of a hill rain water flo... READ MORE

Kitchen Sink Flood

This kitchen was water damaged after a pipe under the kitchen sink broke, spilling water onto the floor. There was 2 inches of water that had to be removed from... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

The fire started from the stove in the kitchen. The cabinets and wall were covered in fire damage and smoke damage. The customer called SERVPRO Society Hill to ... READ MORE

Broken Pipe Causes Water Damage

This is a basement that got flooded from a broken pipe in the house. The carpet was soaked with water. The after picture shows that SERVPRO Society Hill cleaned... READ MORE

Mold Covering the Walls

The mold in the room was from the floor to the middle of the wall. SERVPRO came in and tore out the drywall that was damaged from the mold. After, the drywall w... READ MORE